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   Coalition Useful Links to Recycling Information and More... Upper Peninsula Recycling Coalition News Recycling Facility Locations Upper Peninsula Recycling Coalition Board and By-Laws UPRC Membership Information Upper Penninsula Recycling Coalition Home Page Due to the lack of attendees signed up for this years' conference, the UPRC has decided to CANCEL the event slated for Wednesday, September 17, 2014. We are hoping to again resume our conference in the upcoming year. Please let us know if there is anything you would like to see at our conference or any changes that you think we should make. Your input is always welcomed. Thank you for your undersatanding.

What is the UPRC?

  The UPRC was formed 1988 following the first recycling gathering held in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. With the interest expressed by the participants, and with the support of Lakestate Industries of Escanaba, the Upper Peninsula Recycling Coalition was formed.

The UPRC goals are to promote the reduction of materials going to landfills through reducing, reusing and recycling.

The UPRC provides a vehicle in the Upper Peninsula to:
  1. Foster a cooperative relationship among the recycling programs.
  2. Provide a network to share ideas, technical assistance, and information between interested organizations and individuals.
  3. Provide information and education on waste reduction and recycling through an Annual Conference, newsletters, and news releases.
  4. Increase demand for recycled products through public education.
  5. Promote the use of products made from recycled materials.
  6. Promote research and development in recycling technology.
   Since its inception in 1988, the UPRC has been sponsoring an Annual Recycling Conference, which is designed as a forum for individuals, businesses, municipalities, and governmental agencies interested and concerned about recycling.
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